Who we are.

Backyard Butchers is a family. We are passionate about three things: great quality meat, helping others, and having a good time. We are a Texas-based business with deep connections with local butchers throughout Texas and the Mid-west. We provide amazing quality meat at an amazing price. It’s our promise from our family to yours.

Our Guarantee

We love happy customers. It’s our primary goal to make you happy, and we are thankful to have many wonderful comments, reviews, and messages to prove it. On a rare occasion, our products aren’t exactly what someone is looking for, and that’s ok. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for those who would like to make a return. See our return policy for more information.

Pop-Up & Open Air Markets

We love taking our high quality meat and products across the country. In order to serve you better during this time, we’ve opened open-air, pop-up markets to ensure your safety.

Our Hours and Locations

Our hours are typically 10:00 AM – 7:00PM Monday through Saturday, and 10:00 AM – 6:00PM Sundays.
Location times can vary based on stock and availability. When stock run out, we close up and open as soon as we can restock.

Our Boxes

We take pride in our products and packaging. Why packaging? Our packaging ensures maximum freshness and care for what you purchase. Our meat is flash-frozen at peak freshness, so when you are ready to grill, you’re grilling the best. Our packaging can also include inserts and other materials to keep your products frozen and protected in transit.

Our Specials

We love running specials and passing on our best deals to you. However, specials can’t be combined. Our 20 Ribeyes for $29 is always on, but can be limited due to availability. Our BOGO specials can only be applied with cost of regular purchase.

Return Policy

Due to COVID19 we are unable to accept returns once our products have been purchased. If you have a problem with any of our products, please reach out to one of our Seasoned Butchers on Facebook and we’ll work with you to make it right.